Turn Your Employees Into Star Performers

Meet our feature-rich platform that’s designed to upskill your employees and boost productivity at the workplace. Nurture, develop and retain high performing talent with a case study-methodology that drives positive learning and application at the workplace.

  • 57%  Increase in Productivity
  • 33x  More Peer Coordination
  • 21%  Higher Profit Margins
  • 35%  Increase in Employee Retention
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Close Skill Gaps With Custom Objectives

Tie personalized goals to employee profiles and backgrounds. With SkillSmith, you can create custom learning paths for employees and create nudges that accelerate skill development.

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Engagement Equals Loyalty
Incentives and Gamification

Generate Excitement Around Upskilling

Our gamification-enabled employee development platform ensures your employees are consistently engaged in completing modules, submitting assignments, and achieving goals. Dynamic leaderboards, virtual badges, and kudos sharing develop friendly competition and a rewarding environment.

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Fast-Track Skill Adoption With Data-Driven Platform

Our AI-powered platform offers valuable insights on individual and team-level reports, offering you complete visibility into goals accomplished, certifications earned, upskilled members, and more. You can easily pull detailed reports in rich format and fast-track skill adoption with granular data.

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Insights and Analytics

Get Results Within Days, Not Weeks!

Try the platform now, onboard your employee teams, and see positive results in a matter of days.

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